MCA Coding

What is MCA Coding?DSCF1695 (1)

Coding is the enhancement of the safety equipment on board the vessel which will then allow the boat to be used for commercial gain, i.e. charter or training. Obviously the attraction of coding your boat is that the potential revenue earned will reduce the mooring and maintenance costs. In some cases it can even be profitable!

As it is a well-known fact that most boats spend 95% of the time uninhabited in the marina costing their owners money on mooring fees and maintenance and It is also a well-known fact that a boat will need more maintenance the less it is used, coding of your boat could be an attractive option.March 2011 037 (1)

What will it cost?

The investment needed to code a vessel varies greatly depending upon many factors such as, area of operation, number of crew, size etc. For a consultation regarding coding please get in touch.